Open Up and Recover Safely for Employers

Let's Get Back to Work, Oklahoma!

Read Governor Kevin Stitt's three-phase plan to restart the state's economy. As employers, we encourage you to proceed with caution and create safeguards for your employees and customers. Every Oklahoman is eager to jumpstart the state, but now more than ever, safety comes first.

The State of Oklahoma's detailed recovery plan contains guidance for both individuals and businesses for all three phases of the recovery plan:

Returning to Work

Not returning to work when work is available could be considered "refusal to work" and designated as voluntarily terminating employment. This could potentially disqualify a claimant from receiving unemployment benefits. Employers may report this activity by emailing [email protected], calling 405-962-7524, or mailing OESC at P.O. Box 52006, Oklahoma City, OK, 73152-2006.

If a claimant returns to work fulltime, they should keep their unemployment claim open with OESC and not certify a weekly claim. If they return part-time, a claimant may continue to certify their weekly claim and must report all gross earnings for the week to potentially receive a partial benefit. Eligibility for continued benefits is determined by the circumstances of each individual claimant. Many businesses are looking for employees.